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2012 Fantasy Football Player Profile: Cedric Benson

2012 Fantasy Football Player Profile: Cedric Benson

Aug 14, 2012

The two problems being talked about with the Packers picking up Cedric Benson are the number of carries his career has had and the amount of running backs in the Green Bay system.  In my opinion, one may negate the other.

Benson ultimately rotating with James Starks(currently injured), Alex Green and John Kuhn could essentially wipe out the fact that he has carried the ball over 1500 times in seven seasons. If he had joined an offense that was as efficient as my two year old on an iPad then I would be concerned he would have another season with over 300 carries – But with Aaron Rodgers and this offense that will never happen.

On the field Benson is going to be productive and now he has a chance to add a Super Bowl victory to his resume. But what about fantasy football?  He will be in a rotating deal that is bound to end up with some injuries so I don’t think it will take long for him to get the nod, and more importantly, the ball near the goal line.  He is a strong back who fights for extra yards and someone that will get the ball in the redzone with the offense spread out.

Is he someone you draft?  If you are in a league with 4-6 bench players then you can grab him and ride out the first couple games to see how it is going.  A league with 2-3 bench players, you may want to wait until the injury train comes to town and snag him off free agency if he is producing.  However, if you take a chance be prepared to have your stomach drop a couple times this season as the rock hits the turf and you hold your breath hoping Green Bay recovers it.

Fantasy Positives: Redzone carries, prolific offense, drive to succeed

Fantasy Negatives: Lost fumbles, running back by committee, too many weapons on offense


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