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2012 Fantasy Football Player Profile: Frank Gore

2012 Fantasy Football Player Profile: Frank Gore

Aug 23, 2012

It wasn’t long ago that Frank Gore was a first round fantasy draft selection – He was a great draft pick that ran hard, caught the rock and produced points both on the field and on our computers.  Now here we are in 2012, and father time has slowly crept on Mr. Gore.  He has contributed to the success of the 49ers, but as they begin to form a dynamic play-off squad they are no doubt beginning the phase out process.

The 49ers have added a monster back in Brandon Jacobs, a speedy back with LaMichael James, and the back up Kendall Hunter is no slouch.  Hunter filling in for Gore last season was a smooth transition, and one that may happen again later this season. Brandon Jacobs is sure to take away redzone carries and James will no doubt be out there during 3rd down.

So what does that leave for Gore?  Hopefully, a non-injury filled season that has him busting his ass to be the best team player that he can be – And after hearing him talk it sounds like that is exactly what he is going to be.   My guess is the 49ers have created this dog-eat-dog environment because they feel Gore doesn’t have an entire season left in his tank – Although, he did have his second biggest season last year in touches, yards and touchdowns.

His ADP at this point is 4th round but don’t be shocked when your co-worker takes him earlier just because of his name.  He is a great player that has had a tremendous career and I respect him for that.  The bigger question is, will he have his name up on the ring of honor when he is done playing in a few years?  Feel free to comment on that topic.

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