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2012 Fantasy Football Player Profile: Pierre Garcon

2012 Fantasy Football Player Profile: Pierre Garcon

Aug 11, 2012

One of the extremely few positives to come out of Indy last year was #85, Pierre Garcon, turning on his switch. With a few seasons under his belt playing opposite one of the greats, the game has finally slowed down for Garcon and yet he is about to be speeding up. After he and Curtis Painter made a connection mid-way through the season, on a few spot passes, Garcon’s production picked up tremendously. By the end of the regular season he was back returning punts and setting career bests in catches and receiving yards.

Having Reggie Wayne on the other side of the field drawing attention certainly helped Garcon’s situation, but this season is going to be a huge test for him as he finally gets the call to be the #1. Can he still perform with the best corners lined up directly in front of him?

Although the ‘Skins running back situation is a little grim, which isn’t beneficial for Garcon, adding a guy like RGIII may help balance out the situation – Toss in the long ball and the roll out only adds to Garcon’s value.

His ability to gain yards after the catch is strong with a YAC average of just above 5 yards in 2011 – Something the Washington Redskins desperately need with an aging Santana Moss and a collection of the un-proven lined up on the other side.

People will say Garcon hasn’t been consistent, but the only thing consistent in Indy last year was their poor attendance. The move to the Washington Redskins is going to force him to step up, increase his touches and I see him as a fantastic No. 3 fantasy WR that can be rotated up during good match-ups.

Fantasy Positives: Shanahan likes his work ethic, increased touches, RGIII

Fantasy Negatives: No run game, drawing the best corners, RGIII


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