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2012 Fantasy Football Player Profile: Titus Young

2012 Fantasy Football Player Profile:  Titus Young

Jul 19, 2012

Generally, I do not like to go gangsta and rely on production from guys that are one night of making it rain* away from ending up in Roger Goodell’s office, but I am going to make an exception for the second year wide receiver of the Detroit Lions, Titus Young.

Young finished the 2011 season with similar stats (Young was targeted 85 times, resulting in 48 receptions, 607 yards, and 6 touchdowns) to Baltimore Ravens rising star wide receiver Torrey Smith, however, I expect the Boise State product to become the better of the two young up and coming receiving stars in 2012.

First, Titus Young plays opposite the NFL’s best wide receiver, Calvin Johnson. Megatron commands entire defensive schemes to slow him down. Huge advantage for Young.

Second, Young has Matthew Stafford throwing him the football. Stafford is the best young pure passing quarterback in the league. In 2011, Stafford threw for over 5,000 yards and 41 touchdowns. The Lions offense was the fourth best scoring offense at 29.6 ppg in the NFL. The Lions also played out of the shotgun with three wide receiver sets 58% of the time in 2011.

Pass first, ask questions later.

In addition to having All Pro talent around him, Titus Young plays in a division once known as the black and blue division that has turned into a pass happy NFC North – with poor pass defenses. Six times in 2012, Young will benefit from playing the Vikings, Bears, and Packers secondaries. These three secondaries finished 26th, 28th, and 32nd respectively in pass defense in 2011.

Throw me the ball!

Going into 2012 draft preparation, expect for Young to be in the range from the 30th wide receiver selected to the 40th wide receiver selected.

Would you rather take an aging Randy Moss who flamed out two years ago and was absent in all of 2011, or take an up and coming 2nd year receiver in a pass first offense?

What about an established veteran in a new system like Pierre Garcon in Washington? I’ll take the up and coming receiver with an All Pro quarterback instead of the receiver changing systems to play with a rookie quarterback.

Fantasy football is all about looking into your Magic 8 ball and determining who is setup best for the present season. Past performance is great, but evaluating future performance wins championships.

If Young doesn’t work out, feel free to tweet and let me know you have Titus-itis. My hunch is you won’t be tweeting me unless you want to thank me.


*Young was suspended for nine games by his Boise State coach, Chris Peterson; punched a New Orleans Saints player in the face during the regular season last year; and punched teammate Louis Delmas when he wasn’t looking in this off season’s OTA’s.


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