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I founded Kramerica Sports in 2010 after a decade of playing fantasy sports and a few guest writing stints on other fantasy football sites.  Our goal is to provide cutting edge fantasy news and analysis in a simple and uncluttered format, without the distractions of flashing advertisements and difficult to navigate menus.  I understand that the web is filled with thousands of other fantasy sport sites providing a wide variety of information and advice for fantasy players. My goal is to become a mainstay for fantasy owners looking for simple and straightforward information, including weekly rankings, news, and trade advice.

The name Kramerica Sports was conceived one night while watching the Seinfeld episode when Cosmo Kramer goes to a Yankee fantasy camp to play with Mickey Mantle and other former baseball greats.  After learning that Kramer was booted out of the camp for punching Mantle in the face during a brawl, George delivered a classic monologue describing how people should pay $100 to live like Kramer, as his whole life is a “fantasy camp”. After watching that episode, I began to think about how much of my life is lived in the fantasy world of sports, either watching or writing about football and baseball.  I figured my fantasy hobby needed a name that had a fantasy connotation, so that night Kramerica Sports LLC was born.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site, and please feel free to send me a question using my “ask the experts” feature located in the main menu. Although I receive hundreds of questions each week, I make it a point to answer as many questions as possible.


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