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Blown Call Ruins Monday Night Football Game

Blown Call Ruins Monday Night Football Game

Sep 25, 2012

The Monday Night Football contest between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks ended on a controversial call by replacement referees on a hail mary pass from Russell Wilson to Golden Tate.

M.D Jennings of the Green Bay Packers clearly intercepted the pass that was eventually called a touchdown for Golden Tate and the Seahawks. Amid clear distain from Mike Tirico and John Gruden regarding the blatant missed call on replay, the head referee called the pass a completion, giving the Seahawks the controversial win.

Perhaps most egregious on the part of the replacement officials was the lack of throwing the flag on pass interfearence on Golden Tate. Tate clearly pushed away a Packer defensive back to make the play.

Hopefully this is the final straw that breaks the back of the NFL in the on going labor dispute with the Referee Union. The NFL has now become a farce and Roger Goddell and the owners have ruined the start of the NFL season.

I as a football fan question why we even watch these games. It is an outrage and something must be done.





Andrew Swanson

Andrew Swanson is the founder and president of Kramerica Sports LLC, the parent company of and Andrew is a veteran fantasy sports writer and is a regular contributor on ESPN 101.7 The Team and Sirius/XM Fantasy Radio.

  • Rush to Judgment

    So he clearly intercepted it with two hands and came down with both feet on the ground and nobody else in simultaneous possession? Or he clearly intercepted it “up in the air”, where possession does not exist. Everybody rushed to judgment and didnt look at Jennings’ feet with all of the “Tate had one hand on it” hysteria as fueled by Gruden and Tirico who poured gas on the fire. The no-call on offensive PI was clearly a bad call and direct the hysteria there, not to the “clearly interception” crowd who hasn’t read rules. The simultaneous catch call when feet hit ground, which was confirmed by non-replacement ref today, cant possibly be as egregious as all the hysteria suggests. Close call and hard to see 2 hands vs. 3 vs. 4 clutching the ball at moment Jennings feet hit the the end zone. That is all that matters and real lesson here is commentators need to study rules before fueling a mob with rush to judgment.