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Kramerica Sports is proud to announce our new CPR rating system, a simple yet effective tool for fantasy owners to gauge how consistent a player performs on a week-to-week basis.


Why Consistent Play is Important: 

Consistent performance from fantasy players is a critical component for fantasy success in head-to-head leagues. A player who delivers solid performance each week instead of just a few big games over the course of the season is far more valuable to an owner looking to string consecutive wins together for their fantasy team.  Sure, a three touchdown game from a running back is great, however it would be more beneficial for a fantasy team if that player had three-straight games with 100 yards and a touchdown.


How it Works: 

We designed the CPR rating system to be simple to read and easy to use.  Each player (not including defenses and tight-ends) has an Elite CPR and CPR percentage next their name on our Kramerica Sports Top 200 fantasy football rankings. The number indicates the percentage of games that particular player was in the top 5 over their position (Elite CPR) and the top 10 (CPR). The percentage is based on the number of games that particular player played in 2010, and a player was required to participate in a minimum of 6 games to qualify.

For example, Adrian Peterson had an Elite CPR rating of 33.3% and CPR rating of 60 % in 2010, meaning AD was a top fantasy performer in a third of the games he played, and gave fantasy owners a top 10 performance more than half of the time.  By comparison, fellow top-ranked RB and fantasy favorite Jamal Charles scored only l5 less fantasy points than Peterson, but delivered a CPR rating of only 37.5%.  This proves that Charles had a couple huge weeks for fantasy owners followed by a few duds.  From a fantasy perspective, Peterson was far more valuable because he helped fantasy owners will more games over the course of the season.


Draft Tool: 

The CPR rating was designed to help simplify the draft process for fantasy owners torn between two similar players.  Although past performance is not necessarily a predictor for future performance, taking the player with a history of consistent performance is a sound draft strategy.  As our example above shows just how more valuable Peterson was over Charles last season – despite only a 15 point gap in total points – the final point total for a player does not paint a full picture.  How a player accumulates points is an important variable when accessing value, and the Kramerica Sports CPR rating tool gives owners a quick and easy way to evaluate consistenty.





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