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J.J. Watt Claims to have Learned Dolphin’s Snap Count from Hard Knocks

J.J. Watt Claims to have Learned Dolphin’s Snap Count from Hard Knocks

Sep 12, 2012

The end may be coming near for HBO’s football series Hard Knocks, as revelations have emerged that J.J Watt learned critical snap count information while watching the show.

As reported by Mike Florio of, Watt told Erik Kuselias of NBC Network’s Pro Football Talk that he picked up Ryan Tannehill‘s snap count by watching the show. According to Florio: “He (Watt) was a little sheepish and guarded when explaining it to co-host Erik Kuselias, saying that the same information can be picked up from the preseason game broadcasts.  But Watt said that it helped.

This is terrible news for the producers of the popular show, as most prospective future teams will shy away from wanting to divulge information that could prove detrimental to their team. The behind the scenes coverage that Hard Knocks afforded fans was captivating television, yet it has appeared to have gone over the line.



Andrew Swanson

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  • Snookdeesh

    LMAO.. fu HBO!

  • Mexoplex


  • Russell Coleman

    I personally love all the HBO documentary’s sports related or otherwise. They tend to liberally slant the material and you have to disregard that aspect of it, but other than that they usually provide great material with good insight. I believe this was just a simple mistake on the part of the Dolphins as well as HBO. I hope this does not effect other teams willingness to participate negatively.