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LaMarr Woodley Guarantees Victory against Jets

LaMarr Woodley Guarantees Victory against Jets

Sep 13, 2012

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley has never been one to shy away from making controversial comments. His latest comment may end up as bulletin board material for Rex Ryan and the Jets.

According to a report by Dan Gigleer of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Woodley guarantees that the Steelers will not lose to the Jets on Sunday. Gigler writes that Woodley cut off a reporter stating that the Steelers haven’t had an 0-2 start since 2002, adding “And we won’t be 0-2. Every week the mindset is to go out there and win a football game, and not start the season off bad. So far we’re 0-1, and we’ll manage to not go 0-2.”

The candid Ryan will likely address the statement by Woodley when preparing his team for the game on Sunday. The question is will the guarantee bite Woodley in the butt, or will his moxie help fuel the Steelers to a 1-1 record.


Andrew Swanson

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