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Report: Ryan Mathews’ Fumbling Issues could cost Him Playing Time

Report: Ryan Mathews’ Fumbling Issues could cost Him Playing Time

Sep 28, 2012

Ryan Mathews has fumbled the ball 11 times in 27 career games with the San Diego Chargers. His latest fumble near the goal line against the Falcons last Sunday not only caused irritation on the part of Fantasy owners, but it has apparently angered San Diego GM A.J. Smith.

As reported by, Smith told Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Times that Mathews’ fumbling issue “has to stop.”

“I believe you can improve in ball security. And no one works any harder in trying to get better than Ryan,” continued Smith. “However, if it continues he will play less,”

Perhaps most interesting, Smith mentioned publicly for the first time that Mathews could be dealt if the problem persists.

“What happens to fumblers is, first, they play less. Second, if it continues while they’re playing on a limited basis, then you don’t play for a while and you get to sit and think about it. Third, when you get the call to go back on the field and the fumbling continues, then you will be somebody else’s fumbler.”


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