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Robert Griffin III struggling with new offense

Robert Griffin III struggling with new offense

Aug 3, 2012

Heisman Trophy winner and second overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft Robert Griffin III is struggling in his first NFL training camp. According to a report on, Griffin is holding onto the ball too long and making bad coverage reads, both of which are signs that the rookie is having some trouble with the new offensive scheme.

The report did note that Griffin has looked good outside the pocket and has impressed with his accuracy while on the run.

Fantasy owners thinking of taking Griffin late as a starting quarterback may want to consider taking another Quarterback as well in case the former Baylor star struggles early in the season. There is no doubting his talent, however, it may be a little premature to assume that Griffin will be a viable fantasy starter out of the gate.

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Andrew Swanson

Andrew Swanson is the founder and president of Kramerica Sports LLC, the parent company of and Andrew is a veteran fantasy sports writer and is a regular contributor on ESPN 101.7 The Team and Sirius/XM Fantasy Radio.

  • BeReal

    First of all he was the second pick. Second this story broke a few days ago. Third he is a rookie let him be a rookie and make mistakes. That is what training camp is for, this is where he is supposed to make mistakes so the coaches can fix them. I know all eye are on him as the savior of the Redskins, but it will take a team effort not just him. If he is still making the same mistakes in week 7 then you could say he is struggling with the offense. GEEEEZZZZ

    • Aaron0370

      Be that as it may, RGIII is going to have a some peaks and valleys throughout his first year in the league. If he has as close to a season Cam Newton had his rookie year I will be pleased. I know anything is better than “Train” Rex Grossman behind center. An established running is the best friend of any QB, especially a rookie QB. I think the break out player for the skins this year that no one is talking about is going to Roy Helu. If we can run the ball effectively that will definitely keep the pressure off RGIII

      • Andrew Swanson

        Thanks for the comment Aaron. Do you think Helu is going to be the primary back or Hightower?

      • DRiley8

        rex grossman or any qb is not to blame the horrible offensive line that could not block a team of 12 year olds is the problem. watch any successful team and qb,the qb does not have to take snap instantly look up and say oh S*** and run for his life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HCayes

    So…RGIII is not a “former Heisman trophy winner” and he is not the “third overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft.” He is the current Heisman trophy winner and the 2nd overall pick. What reason do I have to believe the rest of your writing if you can’t get straight facts right?

    • Andrew Swanson

      Thanks for the comment and catching my goof on the draft. The point of the article is to let our fantasy readers know that Griffin may not be a viable number one quarterback this season…At least not to begin the season.

  • dodge1911

    Second overall pick DOUCHEBAG and you must be a Cowboy fan

    • Andrew Swanson

      Sorry for the draft order gaff. You have every right to call be a douchebag for making that mistake, however, calling me a Cowboy fan is way out of line.

    • Aiki Zen

      Name Calling – is the response f someone with not facts or cogent argument. Your post is an effort to distract the audience by changing the subject because you cannot refute the facts or logic.

  • Mitch Walter

    jeez man, did you really have to title the story as that? i read the article on cbsports, it really says nothing about him having troubles with the offensive scheme. Yeah he’s still learning, but there is a difference between learning and struggling.

  • ecat

    Washington will be lucky to match last seasons win loss record. It’s really a shame. RG III will be the next Lavar Arrington; swinging doors, injuries, and discontent. Nothing about the last couple of years has indicated the Redskins are on the up and up.