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Russell Wilson wants your attention

Russell Wilson wants your attention

Aug 25, 2012

“He’s a nice talent that won some games in college, but he’s too short to succeed in the NFL. It’s a grown mans league, and while has some skill, he simply won’t be able to overcome being vertically challenged.”

That sentence went through the minds of all 32 NFL teams during the draft, as Russell Wilson fell into Seattle’s lap in the 3 rd round. He continued to dominate this preseason, producing 185 passing yards and 2 scores. The Seahawks have been very noncommittal toward Matt Flynn as their starting QB, and with Wilson’s energy and excitement, he seems to be in position to take the reigns of a potential playoff contender.

Wilson’s fantasy ceiling is still a low one, as I am simply speculating that he will be the teams starter. Even if he starts, his leash will be a short one, as Seattle did invest heavily in Flynn this off season. Assuming he does start, his value is similar to that of Jake Locker or Alex Smith. He showed extreme athleticism recording carries of 31 and 27 against the Chiefs starting unit tonight.

Old time fantasy stars stand to gain the most from stable QB play, as Braylon Edwards, Terrell Owens, and Kellen Winslow were all reasonably productive against KC. Of that trio, I like T.O. from a fantasy perspective, due to his ability to physically age gracefully. The potential value has risen for the Seahawk players, but the current value has not, as we are still in the preseason. Wait until Wilson plays well in a regular season game before making any rash moves, but do keep an eye on Seattle’s offensive attack week one. At the end of the day, Flynn doesn’t have much more NFL experience than Wilson, but will dollar signs talk?

Kyle Soppe

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