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Waiver Wire: Week Eight

Waiver Wire: Week Eight

Oct 25, 2012

A few injuries this week so you can get down on some waiver pick-ups!

—- Down goes MJD —-

Rashad Jennings - RB Jags:

And down goes MJD. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist for this pick-up. With 102 yards and a td last week with 28 carries. He is in for the next few weeks and that’s all that matters. At Green Bay this week.

—- The return to the waiver wire pick-up —-

Josh Gordon – WR Browns:

With two catches for 59 yards and a touchdown, Josh Gordon has made his way back to the waiver wire pick-up board.  He had 10 targets last week and has had four touchdowns in the last three games. Next week San Diego at home.

—- The ‘this guy took me down in my game last week’ pick-up —-

Jeremy Kerley – WR Jets:

He had seven catches for 120 yards and, more importantly, 11 targets. With Santonio Holmes done for the year, Mark Sanchez has to find someone new to be his go-to guy and maybe we just caught a glimpse of it. The only downfall here is we have no idea which offense is going to show up next week. Godspeed with this pick-up. Miami at home this week.

—- The ‘maybe this is a bad week to try this’ pick-up —-

LaRod Stephens-Howling – RB Cardinals:

149 yards with one touchdown and 24 carries sounds extremely sexy until you see who he has next week. With the 49ers coming to town they will be bringing their lockdown run defense who has yet to surrender a rushing touchdown all year.  Will LaRod be their first? Uh, check please…Next week 49ers at home.

—- The injury pick-up —-

Titus Young - WR Lions:

With Nate Burleson gone for the year with a broken leg Young is about to get plenty of work son. Calvin Johnson on the other side taking away the best defender on the field Young is poised to get some serious looks. Monday night yielded six catches for 81 yards but they do have a stout Seahawk secondary rolling to town. Next Week Seahawks at home.

Last Week Results:

Josh Freeman – 420 yards and three touchdowns

Felix Jones – 44 yards on 15 carries with five catches for 30 yards

Brandon Gibson – Five catches for 60 yards

Shonn Greene – 54 yards and a touchdown with six catches for 34 yards

Vick Ballard – 84 rushing yards and 19 receiving yards on one catch

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