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Waiver Wire: Week Five

Waiver Wire: Week Five

Oct 3, 2012

Week four down the hatch, next up, week five.

—- The opportunity of the week pick-up —-

Ryan Williams – RB Cardinals:

With a huge opportunity this week against the St. Louis Rams, Ryan Williams could be in for a great week.  Rams are giving up over 100 yards per game and with Beanie Wells out, Williams will be getting a bulk of the carries.  If your running backs are struggling this is the week to try a new one out.  This At St. Louis this week.

—- The ‘I doubt he’s still around’ pick-up —-

Ahmad Bradshaw – RB Giants

Back in the starting line-up and was on the field for 55 snaps, opposed to Andre Brown’s nine.  Playing Cleveland this week hopefully puts them ahead and the ball will remain on the ground which will help Bradshaw’s fantasy value.  If he is still on the waiver wire grab him.  Cleveland at home.

—- The world stopped for a second pick-up —-

Brian Hartline – WR Dolphins:

Yes, you read that correctly, I have a Dolphin in the mix. These guys are starting to figure it out and Hartline is part of that.  With 253 yards and a touchdown last week, Hartline is doing it.  Tannehill has been targeting this guy to be his man and maybe it’s time we do the same.  At Bengals next week.

—- The oh lord, it started spinning again pick-up —-

Davone Bess – WR Dolphins:

Yes, another Dolphin in the mix.  With seven catches last week and five the week before, Bess is starting to prove his worth – Or is that Tannehill that is proving his worth?  The touchdowns are coming as Tannehill becomes more confident but the big question will be is it this weekend or not.  Having both these receivers improving the same time will add pressure to defenses on who they need to favor more.  At Bengals next week.

—- The ‘oops, you dropped that Ryan’ pick-up —-

Jackie Battle – RB Chargers:

Ryan Mathews has fumbled his way out of being the man. Jackie Battle took the bull by it’s horns and tackled it.  As a Mathews owner I am bummed, but it looks like Battle is going to be the man in San Diego. He had 15 carries for 39 yards and a td followed by four catches for 42 yards and another td.  At New Orleans next week.

—- The ‘let’s try this again’ pick-up —-

Danny Amendola – WR Rams:

A return to the waiver wire, if he is still there, Amendola added another 55 yards on six catches and a td.  Arizona is third in defense so this my be a tough week so let’s hope he catches a td pass from Bradford and not the kicker this time.  Arizona at home this week.

—- The ‘don’t forget about me’ pick-up —-

Rashard Mendenhall – RB Steelers:

He is back and ready for action this week.  The Steelers need him bad as they are ranked 31 in rushing this year as a team.  Will he turn it around against the Eagles this week – We shall see. Just hope he hasn’t been sitting on someones bench all season.

Last Weeks Results:

Torrey Smith – Six catches for 97 yards and a TD.

Mikel LeShoure – 14 rushes for 26 yards and four receptions for 37 yards.

Julian Edelman – Iced his hand all afternoon.

Kevin Walter – one reception for eight yards.

Kevin Kolb – 324 yards, three td’s and two picks.

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