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Waiver Wire: Week Four

Waiver Wire: Week Four

Sep 26, 2012

Waiver wire city for week four – If you have any thoughts don’t hesitate to post in the comment section below.

—- The “I got heart” pick-up —-

Torrey Smith – WR Ravens:

If you need to know why you should love this guy then stop reading this blog right now.  He caught 6 balls for 127 yards and two td’s all why struggling to get through an emotional game Sunday.  The Ravens is proving to be able to move the ball and score and Smith is a big part of that.  My only concern is the short week for him, they play on Thursday, and one can only operate on adrenaline for so long.  Cleveland at home  Thursday.

—- The “anyone who got me late last week scored” pick-up —-

Mikel Leshoure - RB Lions:

With the mad dash at the end of the week to pick up this dude, it all paid off.  With 26 carries for 100 yards and a td, Leshoure proved to be solid.  With Kevin Smith struggling, his debut was impressive and he will be snatched off the waiver wire from anyone who is carrying Chris Johnson…Did I say that out loud?  Minnesota at home next week.

—- The “front office doesn’t want to pay Welker” pick-up —-

Julian Edelman - WR Patriots:

While the Pats front office continues to sneak notes to their coach about not having Wes Welker on the field, their new go-to is Julian Edelman…Despite Welker still having 8 catches for 142 yards.  Edelman had four catches for 28 yards and a td before leaving the game to an injury, but it was clear they are trying to get him the rock any way they can.  Keep an eye on the injury report this week – He may be the next Welker.  At Buffalo next week.

—- The “I love when the free safety rolls to Andre Johnson’s side” pick-up —-

Kevin Walter – WR Texans:

I liked Walter last year and he is starting to heat up this year.  With 3 catches for 73 yards and a td, and yes 52 yards came on one pass, Walter is starting to get involved.  His yards have increased each week and with defenses shifting to Andre Johnson he finally got his first td of the year.  Tennessee at home next week.

—- The “he’s believed it all along” pick-up —-

Kevin Kolb – QB Cardinals:

Say what you want here but Kolb now has more season points than Michael Vick, Cam Newton, Tony Romo and the list goes on.  He threw for another 222 yards and td’s this past weekend and is proving himself once again.  This is now making Larry Fitzgerald a more exotic play and he is turning into a good solid start. Miami at home week.

—- Bonus Pick-Up —-

Andrew Hawkins – WR Bengals:

Two catches for 66 yards and a td, include two rushes for 16 yards.  Yeah, this kid is getting involved.

—- Honorable Mention —-

Leonard Hankerson – WR Redskins:

Seven targets, four catches for 56 yards.  Watch the injury report to see when Pierre Garcon is back.

Last week results:

Dennis Pitta – 5 catches, 50 yards and a td

Donte Rosario – 1 catch and a fumble

Jackie Battle – 3 carries for 55 yards

Danny Amendola – 5 catches for 66 yards

Ben Tate – 8 carries for 26 yards and a fumble

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