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Waiver Wire: Week Two

Waiver Wire: Week Two

Sep 11, 2012

With week one in the bag, let the waiver wire begin. Breakouts happen, gems are found and players make themselves known again.  Here are five of my picks for waiver wire adds after week one, because lord knows I will be dropping Toby Gerhart.


—- First unknown baller of the year pick-up —-

Kevin Ogletree – WR Cowboys:

If your fantasy football league website was adjusted correctly then he will be on the waiver wire for pick-up this wednesday, unlike mine which had him listed as a free agent. After having career highs in every category, Ogletree’s 8 catches moves him up the chart.  While Austin and Bryant occupy the best that the defensive backs have to offer, Ogletree flies under the radar like Laurent Robinson did. Earning Romo’s trust was huge and he will be getting his catches this year.  At Seattle next week.


—- Jerome Bettis pick-up —-

Michael Bush – RB Bears:

It didn’t take long to see what Bush will be used for in Chicago.  With 12 carries and two TD’s, we may have a Jerome Bettis situation on our hands.  When injuries begin to happen, Bush may not be a bad option.  At Green Bay next week.


—- What’s going on pick-up —-

Mark Sanchez – QB Jets:

Sanchez ball’d out!  After being called a clown in the papers he locked it in and did some damage.  If you are struggling to find a QB in a bigger league he may be worth taking a shot at, although I wouldn’t be expecting the kind of numbers he threw up Sunday. At Pittsburgh next week.


—- What’s really going on pick-up —-

Stephen Hill - WR Jets:

Had a fantastic day on Sunday and a lot of that is due to Sanchez being on fire. He will most likely be opposite Holmes in the starting line up which will allow him more targets.  A rookie who is fired up and that’s exactly what the Jets need. At Pittsburgh next week.


—- Biggest potential pick-up —-

Alshon Jeffery – WR Bears:

Love this guy and he will prove to be filthy as the season progresses.  With three catches for 80 yards and a TD, this rookie showed huge potential in week one with only five targets.  As the Bears continue to gel on offense and defenses start rotating more to stop Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery will slowly rise to be the man to stop. At Green Bay next week.


—- Honorable mention —-

Dennis Pitta – TE Ravens:

Looked good yesterday. Maybe a fierce combo brewing in Baltimore with Ed Dickson. 73 yards and a TD, although the Bengals were a bit of mess last night.


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