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Waiver Wire: Week Twelve

Waiver Wire: Week Twelve

Nov 22, 2012

This weeks waiver wire should be attached to the injury report. All five are related to an injury or returning to an injury. It’s that time of year in the NFL.

Ronnie Hillman – RB Den:

Willis McGahee is out six to eight weeks and Ronnie Hillman is in. He had 12 carries for 43 yards last week but that is sure to be upped as we move on. Lance Ball will steal some carries, let’s just hope they aren’t in the redzone.  There is going to be a mad dash on the waiver wire to get Hillman so you better be high up for your league. At Kansas City this week.

Jalen Parmele – RB Jaguars:

Rashard Jennings has lost his job, next up, Jalen Parmele. 80 yards on 24 carries along with snatching 3 balls on Sunday, Jalen took advantage of his opportunity. The only problem is, it isn’t going to last very long. MJD is back soon so don’t go overboard about this pick-up for anything longer than this weekend. Tennessee at home this week.

Beanie Wells – RB Cardinals:

Don’t expect a huge day out of Wells just yet as Stephens-Howling still holds onto the starting spot. If you are going to be a play-off team Wells could be someone nice to have your bench for the next few weeks until he regains the majority of carries. Rams at home this week.

Bryce Brown – RB Philly:

Another concussion, another star sidelined in Philly. McCoy went out with a concussion and will be now spending time next to Mike Vick at the coffee machine. Brown is a rookie but are they still a rookie past week 10? Snatch him and see what he can do. Carolina at home this week.

Julian Edelman – WR Patriots:

Five catches for 58 yards and a touchdown last Sunday against the Colts. The Gronk is out for the time being with a broken forearm, shocked that dude isn’t playing through it, so look for more balls flying elsewhere. This isn’t Edelman’s first time on the waiver wire pick-up board so maybe this time he will pay dividends.  At the Jets this week.

Last Week Results:

Danario Alexander – Seven catches for 96 yards and two touchdowns

Chris Ivory – Eight carries for 37 yards

Greg Olsen – Two catches for 42 yards

Danny Amendola – Seven catches for 41 yards

Cincinnati D – Balled out

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